Marvel and the $2.99 Price Point…

Marvel and the $2.99 Price Point…

Right from The Beat:

Marvel’s solicitations came out today* and indsuytry watcher were standing by with microscopes to scrutinize a proposed a) drop in the number of $2.99 books and b) decrease in the number of books altogether.

On B, there seems to be some corroboration with what was said at the NYCC retail breakfast, according to Bleeding Cool, which does a big count of all titles in all families. Compared to December there is a 17% drop in the number of titles, and 20% decrease in total cover price.

December: 93 comics – 20 titles at $2.99 (22 pages of story), 55 $3.99 (22 pages of story), 16 titles at $3.99 (30 pages of story). 2 comics $4.99 (44 pages of story)

Complete cost: $353.07 for 2218 pages of story (16 cents a page)

January: 78 comics – 28 at $2.99, 49 at $3.99, 1 at $4.99

Complete cost: $284.22

However on a there is less evidence. Todd Allen also does a title count of the new books and finds 7 titles at $3.99 vs. 3 titles at $2.99. (Three of the $3.99 books are licensed titles, it should be pointed out.)

Selected, indeed.

Marvel does seem to be undergoing a bit of course correction. We are hearing from creators that previously planned Marvel mini-series based on esoteric characters are being scuttled left and right. But their price drop seems to be rolling out in a very piecemeal fashion.

* ALSO, jeebus, it is hard to find anything on Marvel’s website! If we hadn’t seen Agent M tweet the January books we wouldn’t have ever been able to find it on this labyrinth.

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