Countdown to Halloween: Necroscope

Countdown to Halloween: Necroscope

I’ve been a Brian Lumley fan for at least 20 years where I first came across his Necroscope series of Novels. This is what I’d love to see happen with vampire films these days as it’s all about the Bristish Secret Service who have opened up an ESP branch of your more traditional MI5. This is the story of Harry Keogh who grows up being able to talk to the dead and from what we can see he is the only one in the world who can.

Flash forward to 1992 where we are starting to see a lot of horror novels being adapted for comics by some of the smaller publishers and with that Necroscope is brought out from Malibu.

Back then I found it really hard to get issues of this as it seemed my LCS at the time was getting them sporadically but this is also when they were getting shipments which seemed to be missing things all the time.  Put it to either an old card system for ordering or the fact they might have had some shipments go to the wrong store (they had 6 at the time) but I was able to get every second or 3rd issuse and then would have to go diving to find the rest.

I think that there was an issue with Malibu as well as the 5 issues came out from October 1992 through to June 1993 so it could have easily been missed.

That being said I was able to get this page from ebay about 2 years ago really cheap as I don’t think there was that much known about the book outside of the fans of Lumley.

Also the fact it has one of the main enemies on it was worth it to me.

Let me know what you think.

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