Terror from the Abyss

Terror from the Abyss

Guillermo del Toro’s plans to adapt At the Mountains of Madness have been all the rage the last month or so. But let us not forget those who went before, not unlike Scott or Shackleton.

Daniel Lenneer and Christopher Johansson bring us “Terror from the Abyss.” Like the recent HPLHS production of “The Call of Cthulhu,” the silent film conceit is used here. I’m going to admit that some of the intro is a bit shaky. But once we get to the ruins, and to the true history of this planet, things pick up a lot. Even with a touch of Cutethulhu, the middle effectively communicates the tragedy of the tale.

Also, I don’t know if the glyphs are just random, but if they were intended to resemble the Naacal of Churchward’s Mu, kudos to you.

There is more info on the film, the filmmakers, and its availability in both English and Swedish, at the link.

Terror from the Abyss by Daniel Lenneer and Christopher Johansson


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