Atlas Comics Returns

Atlas Comics Returns

Deadline has posted an article up, stating that Jason Goodman — grandson of Atlas founder Martin Goodman, who also founded Marvel Comics — is relaunching the company.

The first two titles, The Grim Ghost and Phoenix, will be revealed at the New York Comic-Con. Other properties owned by the company include the Grim Ghost, Ironjaw and the Cougar. Already, a firm called Reaction Visual Media has posted a cover for The Grim Ghost, which will be written by Joshua Ortega with art by Qing Ping Mui.

“Although my grandfather eventually sold Marvel, he insisted on keeping Atlas Comics in the family,” the younger Goodman told Deadline. “As a result of his vision, Atlas Comics is the largest individually-held library of comic book heroes and villains on the planet. We have 28 titles and hundreds of characters imagined by some of the greatest minds in the industry.”

Ardeen Entertainment’s Brendan Deneen is also backing the relaunch, and writer J.M. DeMatteis will be the company’s new editor-in-chief.

2 Responses to “Atlas Comics Returns”

  1. Wow, they had some great titles for an issue or two, then they went downhill fast due to extreme mismanagement. I wonder if they coerce Howard Chaykin into picking up The Scorpion where he left off? Probably not, but I can dream.

  2. (Left out a word… “could coerce” I meant!)