Your Say Sunday 15/8/2010

Your Say Sunday 15/8/2010

Say whatever you want to in the comments to this post — random, off topic thoughts, ideas, suggestions, questions, recommendations, criticisms, surveys, introductions if you have never commented before, personal news, self-promotion, requests to be added to the blog roll and so on. If I forget, remind me.

Remember these comments can be directed at all the readers, not just me.

ALSO. You can use this space to re-ask me questions you asked me before that I failed to answer because I was too busy.

AND you can use this space to comment on posts that are old enough that no one is reading the comments threads anymore.

WRITING FOR THIS BLOG. If I see a big free form comment that deserves more attention, I will pull it and make it its own post. I am always looking for reviews of games, tv, movies, music and books. So feel free to contact me if you want to write for The Furnace.

2 Responses to “Your Say Sunday 15/8/2010”

  1. Geektopia says:

    Well there is plenty of buzz happening over at with orders due for the preorder system later than the bricks and mortar stores, you get a couple of extra weeks almost every month. Registrations are coming in thick and fast and all you need is your credit card to order on our secure site.
    Orders over $20.00 get FREE postage to your door and bags on all your floppies and trades where possible. What more could you want in this busy life, not to forget that winter is not the time to go to the LCS.
    This month every order received goes in the running for random trade, floppies, and toy giveaways. Why would we not reward those that support us. So head on over to geektopia and find your next treasure.

  2. Amber says:

    Besides Lord Shaper, I have another friend in Aussieland who wishes she lived in the US because of her countries strict Puritanical beliefs about sex. I keep telling her it’s no different here! My PayPal account was just permanently banned because one of things I used it for was my website’s exclusive area of my modeling pictures. I’ve tried to fight back but been basically told “tough shit” by PayPal. PayPal is owned by ebay so I can’t shop on ebay anymore. I also can’t use etsy which is where I would sell my costumes because their only payment options for purchasing and paying fees is PayPal.

    So, my say for this Sunday, is that people need to get the fuck over it! They’re just boobs! My god, why is proven that porn and mature content earns billions of dollars yet we’re supposed to be embarrassed and ashamed of offering it?

    Since Lord Shaper is a dear heart and allowing this venting, I’ll conclude that if you are published indie or mainstream comic book artist and need reference of a female form posing, please contact me and I will give you instructions for getting to my galleries, for free. amberlovescomics at


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