Avatar to Relaunch Lady Death

Avatar to Relaunch Lady Death

Avatar Press CEO William Christensen has announced the launch of a new imprint called Boundless Comics.

The imprint will begin by relaunching Brian Pulido and Mike Wolfer’s Lady Death series.

“They will be tweaking slightly, re-inventing but not invalidating previous Lady Death stuff,” Christensen told Comic Book Resources about the title’s new run. “The first issue will be available for free!”

He also announced that back issues of Lady Death will begin to be released as trade paperbacks from October 2010 under the title Lady Death: Origins, after which they will pick up a regular release schedule.

The series began in the early 1990s and follows a young female protagonist called Hope who has renounced her humanity to save the soul of her mother.

“In our story, our relaunch, we jump to 1351 – 50 years onto Hope’s future,” Pulido said of the new series. “When we say we’re relaunching Lady Death we’re not really, we’re just covering a new chapter.”

The first issue of the Lady Death relaunch will be published in September.

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