Green Lantern 2 And Flash Movie Updates

Green Lantern 2 And Flash Movie Updates

Earlier this summer, word broke that Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim — the screenwriting team behind the first Green Lantern movie — had signed a deal to write a treatment for both Green Lantern 2 and The Flash before going to write the screenplay for one of those projects. And it now appears that the trio may have already moved on to wring the script for “The Flash.”

When asked by Collider when “The Flash” would be happening, Berlanti replied “We’re just getting into the script. We’re just starting the script, so that’s about where we’re at.”

Berlanti also spoke about preparing for the “Green Lantern” sequel while crafting the first movie. “We actually treated [‘Green Lantern’] a lot like the first year of a series,” related Berlanti. “When we did the first movie, just because we did want to lay stuff out, to deal with the mythology in that way. Writing for series helped us in that, in terms of thinking about stuff as just the beginning, but also part of a chapter, as much as anything else.”

Although director Martin Campbell’s “Green Lantern” won’t be out in theaters until early next summer, Berlanti was effusive with his praise for the film.

“It’s a feast for the eyes. Martin Campbell is an amazing director, and it’s going to be a pretty incredible film,” gushed Berlanti. “I think [the Comic-Con footage was] just a taste. They’re still shooting. They’re shooting this week.”

Berlanti also explained how he and his writing partners approached the Green Lantern constructs created by Jordan and the other Lanterns within the movie.

“When we were first writing [‘Green Lantern’], we were a little timid about writing all of it into the script because we thought, ‘How will that read? Will they think it’s too goofy?’ So, in one of the initial drafts, we wrote a lot of, ‘A ring blast,’ or ‘A shot from the ring.’ We didn’t always get as detailed with it. And then, as we got later and later into drafts, and they could provide more artwork and really show people what the movie could be, we could be more explicit about what those things were without it coming off too goofy.”

“Green Lantern” will shine in theaters on June 17, 2011.

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