Pilot Season Crosshair Optioned By Mandeville

Pilot Season Crosshair Optioned By Mandeville

Top Cow’s next ‘Pilot Season’ may not begin until October, but they’ve already picked a winner.

According to Variety, Mandeville Films (a subsidiary company of Disney) and Top Cow made a deal during last week’s San Diego Comic-Con International to bring “Crosshair” — one of the 2010 “Pilot Season” books — to the big screen. “Crosshair” was created and co-written by Marc Silvestri and Jeff Katz, with art by Allan Jefferson.

The one-shot comic — which will be released this October — follows a former CIA assassin turned family man named Justin Weller who discovers that he’s been brainwashed to kill the President and he has less than two days to uncover the conspiracy behind it before someone triggers his “programming,” which may be irreversible once active.

Last year, Mandeville and Top Cow also teamed up for an adaptation of Joshua Hale Fialkov and Jeremy Haun’s “Alibi,” which was latter picked up by Summit, the production company behind “Twilight.”

While Silvestri is well known for co-founding Image, penciling a long and memorable run on “Uncanny X-Men” as well as numerous creator owned titles including “Cyberforce,” Katz has also made a name for himself in comics as the co-writer of “Booster Gold” with Geoff Johns and as a producer on X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Over a year ago, Katz announced the creation of his own company, American Original which included a deal to publish comics through Top Cow. Earlier this year, Top Cow and American Original released a comic book adaptation of The Crazies.

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