Live-Action Blue Beetle Test Footage

Live-Action Blue Beetle Test Footage

Last month, we got our first peek at some test footage for a live-action Blue Beetle television series that found its way online. Now the full clip has arrived on the ‘Net after it was screened during this past week’s Comic-Con.

The clip is directed by Alex Winter of “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” fame, who’s also directed several live-action “Ben 10” movies for Cartoon Network, as well as various other films. It debuted on Bleeding Cool, which indicated that the footage was made “under tight constraints and with minimal resources.” The version of Blue Beetle that appears in the footage is the one designed by “Red” co-creator Cully Hamner.

There’s no word on whether we’ll actually see the series at some point (or where it could end up), but there’s also no denying how cool it looks, right? Keep your fingers crossed, people.


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