New Judge Dredd Compared To Die Hard And Blade Runner

New Judge Dredd Compared To Die Hard And Blade Runner

When it comes to the history of Judge Dredd on the big screen, there’s very little question that the fictional futuristic law man would have a field day tearing into Sylvester Stallone and the other filmmakers who first brought the 2000AD character to theaters. But fans are hoping for better luck when Dredd makes his cinematic comeback in the developing Pete Travis-directed and Alex Garland-scripted reboot of the “Judge Dredd” character and franchise.

The project remains in the developing stages with casting yet to be announced, but that’s not to say that Garland’s screenplay isn’t making the rounds already. The Playlist received a script review from an anonymous writer, who describes the upcoming “Judge Dredd” reboot as a mixture of Die Hard and Blade Runner.

“Imagine ‘Die Hard’ taking place within the world of ‘Blade Runner;’ that’s the ‘Judge Dredd’ script offered by Alex Garland,” writes the reviewer. “Clocking in at 110 pages, this is not the most complex or plot heavy story. What is offered is a high-octaine, action filled screenplay, that is both hardcore and gritty.”

According to the unidentified reviewer, “Judge Dredd” focuses on the titular Dredd as he takes rookie Cassandra Anderson through a night filled with routine bad guy busting assignments. But things take a turn for the worse when Dredd and Anderson find themselves on the run from the Ma-Ma Clang.

“It’s a very action heavy script with some amazing sequences that will make any Dredd fan happy,” the reviewer states. “This is a gritty film that plays the world we are in as a realistic future, a very dark, unpleasant crime ridden world as Dredd explains: ‘Twelve serious crimes reported every minute. Seventeen thousand per day. We respond to around six percent.’ The famous ‘I am the law’ makes a few appearances.”

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