Disney Developing Gargoyles Project

Disney Developing Gargoyles Project

With “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” opening Wednesday, Disney is staying on the magic path with an untitled gargoyles project.The studio is in the process of hiring Zoe Green to develop a story revolving around the stone creatures for a feature project being produced by Lauren Shuler Donner and Jack Leslie via the Donners’ Co.

The project seeks to build a mythology around the carvings, originally designed in medieval times to act as spouts but later took on roles as powerful symbols to ward off or attract evil. The story is being developed, but it is known to be set in modern times.

Repped by UTA and Energy Entertainment, Green has carved a little space for herself in the fantasy field. She wrote “Tigress,” which Stan Lee’s POWcq Entertainment is producing for Disney, and sold a fantasy project titled “Book of Shadows” for Castle Rock as a directing vehicle for Rob Reiner.

She also was hired to adapt the Neal Stephenson novel “The Diamond Age” for George Clooney’s Smoke House and Syfy.


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