The Sandman’s Death To Appear In Action Comics

The Sandman’s Death To Appear In Action Comics

A Neil Gaiman-approved appearance of Death in the DCU Universe, courtesy of Paul Cornell and Pete Woods as Lex Luthor goes on a long journey searching for new sources of power. Something tells me he won’t do too well with this.

Sandman appearances in DCU comics these days are as rare as hen’s teeth. The last official one was probably the Daniel Sandman in Grant Morrison and Howard Porter’s JLA a fair few years ago.

With Death in a Superman comic and Swamp Thing on his way back to a new DCU series – expect a few more of these Vertigo-to-DC moves in the near future.

Bt with that being said what does this mean for the long standing Vertigo titles? Personally I do not want to see John Constantine start to show up in the DCU after his book has been one of the strongest and  longest running books for DC as well as being the longest running Vertigo title?

Can we say with Matt Wagner doing his fantastic Madame Xanadu book with Vertigo is what opened the door for Swamp Thing and now Death to cross back into the DCU?

We can only see but I hope my fears don’t come to light!

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