Darick Robertson off The Boys but will be back

Darick Robertson off The Boys but will be back

Darick Robertson has revealed that the latest issue of The Boys was the last he will draw “for a while”.

Last week’s Issue #43 marks the end of the Transmetropolitan artist’s interiors on the Dynamite Entertainment series for the forseeable future.

He will continue to provide cover art for Garth Ennis’s title.

“They make the schedule,” Robertson wrote on the Standard Attrition message board. “I made my desires known, and this was what was chosen as best for the title.

“I did my very best to make the book come out monthly with my art. I never wanted fill-ins. I try to put my all into every issue, and make the series whatever I can make it as good as it could be.

“However, it takes a certain amount of time to create an issue. Those realities are what they are, and there are different choices with how to make that goal work.

“I would liked to have been the sole artist on every issue of The Boys. That was always my intention.”

Russ Braun will replace Robertson on the title.

Robertson is scheduled to provide art for the six-issue Butcher miniseries, which will debut in July 2011.

Source: Digital Spy

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