Todd McFarlane Plans Sam And Twitch TV Series

Todd McFarlane Plans Sam And Twitch TV Series

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane has made no secret of his desire to bring his long-running comic back to the big screen. However, he may have other ambitions for “Sam and Twitch,” a pair of police detectives who were originally supporting characters in Spawn.

During a recent interview with Comic Book Resources, McFarlane indicated that he and “a big time producer” are in the process of of developing a “Sam and Twitch” TV series. “It would be an hour-long drama with a little bit of the mystique stuff in it,” said McFarlane. “At times, we’ve gone in and pitched it as sort of ‘Hill Street Blues’ meets ‘The X-Files’ without it being that crazy and that obvious.”

“It’s not that kind of stuff,” continued McFarlane. “It’s the stuff where you go, ‘The room was locked and the windows were locked and everything was locked from the outside. Somebody couldn’t get out, but we found a dead body on the 21st floor and the autopsy says that they drowned to death, and by the way, it’s salt water. What the hell does that mean?”

“Sam and Twitch are the ones that get sort of these goofy, freakish [cases] and everybody in the precinct thinks that they’re these losers,” added McFarlane. “‘Yeah, you take the one with the salt water in the lungs.’ Sam and Twitch will see whether or not there’s something a little bit odder [to the case] or if someone’s just taken some superstitions and made it seem a little more dastardly than it really is.”

After their initial appearances in the pages of “Spawn,” “Sam and Twitch” went on to star in their own comics by several creators, including Brian Michael Bendis. The duo are currently appearing in “Sam and Twitch: The Writer” by Luca Blengino, Luca Erbetta, Fabio Bono and Flippo Rizzu.

Earlier this year, McFarlane spoke with MTV News about his attempts to film a new “Spawn” movie on a much lower budget to avoid studio interference.

Prior to that, McFarlane indicated that a new “Spawn” animated series was also in the works.

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