Amazon Watch: Siege Battlefield Premiere Hardcover 60% Off

Amazon Watch: Siege Battlefield Premiere Hardcover 60% Off

As reported on Bleeding Cool:

There are always a good deal or two to be found in comics. Half price sales in your local shop. Grab bags at the newsstand. Discounts from online stores. Bleeding Cool will never cover them all.

But a 60% discount on a comic before its published, at a price that even retailers can’t buy it for from Diamond Comics Distributors,  yes, that’s one for Bleeding Cool.

Siege Battlefield Premiere Hardcover scheduled for August, is currently on Amazon for 60% off, $10.11 instead of $24.99.

Collecting the Siege one shots, Siege: Spider-Man, Siege:  Young Avengers, Siege: Loki, Siege: Captain America and Siege: Secret Warriors. You know, the comics that were so secretive in their original solicitations, not because they hid spoilers, but because when they solicited the books, Marvel didn’t know who was working on them and what they’d be about…

And Phonogrammers, the Loki issue is by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie. And actually fills in some plot holes in Siege too.

But be quick. As always you snooze, you lose.

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