IDW Comics For Blackberry

IDW Comics For Blackberry

IDW Publishing is bringing its digital comics to BlackBerry devices, Robot 6 reports.

The firm has released its Star Trek movie prequel Countdown for the handsets, and plans to follow it with more books in the series, in addition to G.I. Joe and Transformers material.

“Proud to be the first major publisher of comics available to BlackBerry users, IDW’s applications fully leverage the capabilities of BlackBerry devices to deliver the highest quality user experience,” said director of e-publishing Jeff Webber.

“Each IDW comic features panel-by-panel viewing and scroll bar navigation, plus built-in news feeds that bring fans all the latest IDW news and updates.”

IDW’s digital titles were previously released for Apple and Droid devices via iTunes.

Star Trek: Countdown is now available via BlackBerry App World. IDW will release a new book each week through the service.

Source: Digital Spy

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