Smallville to end After Next Season

Smallville to end After Next Season

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Smallville” will end its lengthy run at the conclusion of next year’s tenth season. The CW is expected to make an official announcement regarding the cancellation of “Smallville” at its upfront presentation in New York City this Thursday.

THR notes that “Smallville” has been struggling for the past several years, with many expecting this ninth season to be the show’s last. But to the surprise of many, “Smallville” performed unexpectedly well after moving to Friday nights and earned a tenth season renewal.

“Smallville” first burst onto the screen courtesy of developers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar in October of 2010, producing nine full seasons and 195 episodes. The show focuses on Clark Kent’s youthful days in his hometown of Smallville, Kansas, years before using his superpowers in a costumed capacity as Superman.

Several prominent DC Comics characters have appeared on “Smallville” over the years, including Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Green Arrow and more. Recent additions include Hawkman and other members of the Justice Society.

Despite focusing on Clark Kent’s early days, “Smallville” recently teased the possible arrival of Superman during a flash-forward sequence in the opening minutes of the ninth season finale. With only one season to go, it’s entirely possible that the show’s long-standing “no tights, no flights” rule will fly straight out the window.

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