Your Say Sunday 9/5/2010

Your Say Sunday 9/5/2010

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6 Responses to “Your Say Sunday 9/5/2010”

  1. buz says:

    Not sure if anyone remembers ”amalgam comics”. A little stint in the 90`s where marvel and DC morphed chatacters like Batman and wolverine together to make an elseworlds type hero called dark claw. Most people shrugged it off as silly but I think the possibility and challange at taking another stab at something like this might be cool. Any ideas on character Amalgamations would greatly entertaining……this came to mind on free comic book day as I was asked to draw several mash ups of the fan favs.

  2. JM Campbell says:

    I actually bought all of those in an ebay auction not too long ago, along with DC’s tangent universe comics I love twisting classic characters.

    I’d love to see another Amalgam but as long as JoeyQ and Didio are too busy having dick measuring contests, it will never happen.

    Who did you do amalgams of? I’d like to see some younger characters like a teen titans/young avengers amalgam group. The leader the bald eagle (robin/patriot) Statuesque (Stature/bombshell) Huginn and Muninn(Raven/Wiccan and Speed) Iron Beetle (Iron Lad(Vision)/Blue Beetle) Hawk-eye (Hawkeye/Hawk) The Owl (Dove/Amadeus Cho) Static cling (static/hulkling for the lolz)

    I’m really considering doing a sketchbook of “any character, as a member of the Green Lantern Corp.” Just to see what kind of variety I get.

  3. Lord Shaper says:

    I only picked up the Dark Claw ones when they came out. I loved the books but never went back for the rest.

    I’d also love to see what mashups you can do!

    As for the sketch book idea I’d jump on that if I didn’t have 2 on the go at the moment and then my son’s teen titans ones.

    How about Anti Monitor/Galactus?

  4. buz says:

    i drew a spiderman cross with blue beetle. it turned out kinda cool. i’m attempting to find a pic of it now to post here.

  5. buz says:

    great ideas btw too!

  6. Lord Shaper says:

    Hit me up on BBM if you need help figuring out how to post heh