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I think you’d like digital comics, especially as they are presented on the iPad. Marvel, IDW and Comixology (through its own app) have done a fantastic job creating that experience.

I am not a collector. I keep some comics, but mostly as artistic inspiration or if the whole package is just a huge home run (like American Flagg or Grim Jack). So, the notion of keeping the books after reading is minimal for me. However, within the app, I can order a print copy if wanted.

I disagree that the iPhone or PSP is the way to read comics. In my review of the Comixology app, I contended that the company’s app was cool. However, my contention is that the whole comic is an experience in and of itself. It’s vertical presentation. The glossy cover. The reader’s ability to drink in more than one panel at a time. And so on. The app is a win, to be sure. But seeing a full page on the iPad is an even bigger one. I believe all the companies realize this.

Digital delivery to consumers is the future of entertainment. It cuts material costs to almost nil. Some would argue it’s kinder to the environment. And so on. However, I’d agree with whatever the creator’s INTENT is. If the INTENT is to create a printed, colored book, then that’s the medium I want it.

When the intent swings toward creating products that specifically take advantage of the most broadly used methods of digital delivery (e.g., television or TV shows; movie theaters for films; and so on), then creators will shift their ideas about the creation of content to accommodate and enhance the digital experience.

Finally, you mentioned the artist/writer’s commentary included with the digital product. LOVE that idea. I do dislike motion comics (those are called ‘cartoons’ or ‘films’; so either make a film or don’t, creator). I also dislike the idea of voiceovers or anything else that takes the ability for my imagination to fill in the gaps.

You’d like the digital medium. If you have the opportunity to buy an iPad, for this and this reason only, get one. Comics look fantastic on them.

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