Sin City 2 Script Coming

Jessica Alba talks to Robert Rodriguez “all the time” about “Sin City 2,” and that’s probably a good call, considering Rodriguez sounds like he could stand up and put the sequel together with Frank Miller at any moment. Speaking at the South By Southwest Film Festival, the “Sin City” co-director said he’s waiting for the right time — but with a new script in hand, he doesn’t want to wait all that long.

It’s only about timing,” Rodriguez told MTV News. “It could happen very soon. It could happen a little later, It could happen even later. But probably sooner is better.”

It’s been half a decade since “Sin City” first premiered in theaters, but he’s “about to get a new script” for the follow-up and both the film’s producer Stephen L’Heureux and Clive Owen previously indicated that filming could begin as soon as this year. Rodriguez will be collaborating with Miller again, this time on some new stories, and both of them will likely want to get things rolling in the near future — even if Rodriguez says it will never be too late.

“No, never, but I just don’t want to wait that long,” he said. “I know Frank doesn’t want to wait that long.”

I don’t want to wait that long either. But unfortunately it will be their schedules that decide when we eventually see “Sin City 2.”

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