Comic Rooms

Comic Rooms

One of the goals that everyone I know into who’s into comics likes to have a room of their own so you can chill out and embrace your fandom. I’ve been working on my own ever since we moved back in December and I finally have it at a stage that I’d like to show it to everyone.

That being said it’s not on the scale of everyone’s favourite room like Bob Bretall from Comic Book Page has but I’m happy with what I’ve done there.

So let’s begin with the photos.

Starting off with an overview of the room

And then going close up with the shelves

And the Kids who wanted to show off their spinning on the floor!

As always if you want to see larger photos go over to my Flickr Page to see them.
If you have a Comic Room you want to show off leave a comment and we’ll organize to have yours posted.

3 Responses to “Comic Rooms”

  1. Nancy says:

    Great room, cool loot – how on earth is it so dust free?

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    With a lot of care and effort heh…

    To be honest the shelves don’t get that much dust which is good even though they are Dark…

    I’m planning on the idea of if they are all dirty at the same level then people won’t notice it heh.

  3. I for one am IMPRESSED, sir.


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