Comic Book Page Previews Spotlight #029: 2010-03

Comic Book Page Previews Spotlight #029: 2010-03

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss the contents of the March 2010 Previews catalog and play clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked.

We had 4 other podcasts/blogs represented this month:
Killyr Comics
Kryptographik Network
Welcome to Heavenside
Monarch Comics Briefing

and 5 listeners:
Randy Dickson
Joe Davidson
Kevin Quass
Ian Gowan

Items mentioned:
p.28 (Randy Dickson) Troublemaker Book 1
p.31 (Drew Woodworth) Brody’s Ghost Book 1
p.40 (John Mayo) Thun’da King of the Congo Archive DCBS 53%
p.42 (Bob Bretall) Hellboy in Mexico DCBS 53%
p.49 (Damian Smith) Knights of the Old Republic Vol. 9 – Demon
p.65 (Damian Smith) Brightest Day #1 & #2
p.69 (John Mayo) Birds of Prey #1 DCBS 75%
p.73 (Randy Dickson) DC Universe Legacies #1
p.80 (Bob Bretall) Superman: War of the Supermen #1 DCBS 50%
p.83 (HassanT) Legion of Super-Heroes #1
p.85 (John Mayo) The Brave & The Bold #34 DCBS 50%
p.92 (Bob Bretall) Zatanna #1 DCBS 75%
p.96 (John Mayo) Adventures of Superboy Vol. 1 HC DCBS 50%
p.96 (Joe Davidson) Showcase Presents: Suicide Squad Vol. 1
p.101 (Kevin Quass) Billy Batson & the Magic of Shazam #16
p.113 (Ian Gowan) I, Zombie #1
p.148 (John Mayo) Shadowhawk #1 DCBS 75% ** INTERVIEW w/ Dan Wickline and Tone Rodriguez **
p.152 (Bob Bretall) Whatever Happened to Baron Von Shock DCBS 50%
p.172 (John Mayo) Velocity #1 (signed by Ron Marz) DCBS 75%
p.177 (Damian Smith) Witchblade #138
p.178 (Drew Woodworth) The Iron Saint Vol. 1
p.M5 (Joe Davidson) Heroic Age Magazine #1
p.M7 (HassanT) Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine #1
p.M27 (Bob Bretall) Amazing Spider-Man Annual #37 DCBS 50%
p.M33 (Kevin Quass) Avengers #1
p.M35 (John Mayo) Atlas #1 DCBS 75%
p.M60 (Bob Bretall) Thunderbolts #144 DCBS 50%
p.M62 (Trevor Chapman) The Thanos Imperative: Ignition #1
p.M78 (John Mayo) X-Men Forever Giant-Size #1 DCBS 50%
p.M102 (Bob Bretall) Moon Knight: Countdown to Dark Premiere HC DCBS 50%
p.194 (Damian Smith) Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard #1 DCBS 45%
p.208 (Bob Bretall) Penny For Your Soul #1 DCBS 45% ** INTERVIEW w/ Tom Hutchinsoin **
p.220 (Damian Smith) Tag Omnibus
p.242 (Randy Dickson) George RR Martin’s Wildcards: The Hard Call #6
p.259 (John Mayo) Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Vol. 40 DCBS 50%
p.268 (Bob Bretall) Mystery Society #1 DCBS 50% ** INTERVIEW w/ Steve Niles **
p.288 (John Mayo) Shrapnel: Hubris #1 DCBS 45% ** INTERVIEW w/ Nick Sagan **
p.316 (Bob Bretall) Alter Ego #93 DCBS 40%

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