The Shadow Film Rights Lapse

Sam Raimi’s potential feature film adaptation of The Shadow — a classic pulp hero from the ’30s — is looking for a new home.

According to Variety, Sony has allowed the film rights for “The Shadow” to lapse, leaving the project in turnaround. Raimi is still attached to the project and is currently preparing to pitch the film to other studios — although 20th Century Fox was the only studio named as a potential destination.

Back in 2006, Raimi partnered with “Dark Knight” producer Michael Uslan to place “The Shadow” at Sony. Raimi had previously attempted to get the rights for “The Shadow” in the ’80s before creating his own pulp-inspired superhero, “Darkman.”

“The Shadow” originated as a popular radio drama that eventually spawned several film serials, TV series, comic books and video games featuring a dark vigilante with psychic powers. “The Shadow” was most recently adapted in the 1994 movie of the same name starring Alec Baldwin in the title role.

Last year, Uslan told MTV News that Raimi’s version of “The Shadow” would greatly differ from the ’94 film, including the possibility that Lamont Cranston — The Shadow’s alter ego — may not be the only person to wear the costume.

“I think the one thing going in is we all see The Shadow as more of a force of nature than a specific person in a secret identity,” explained Uslan. “The Shadow may actually be many people.”

Uslan also cautioned that it might take a considerable amount of time to bring “The Shadow” back to the big screen.

“You know, it takes time to nurture these things,” said Uslan. “You probably know all the stories. The first ‘Batman’ film took me 10 years to get made.”

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