Decay Horror Comic Anthology

A new Aussie horror anthology comic, entitled Decay, is about to be released by Dark Oz Productions.

Each 48-page issue of Decay will have black & white internal artwork, colour covers, and feature around 5 stories per issue.

Editor and publisher Darren Koziol will contribute several stories to the series, as will some recognisable names in the Australian comics industry: Dave Heinrich (cover issue #1 and story in issue #2), SCAR – Steve Carter & Antoinette Rydyr (“hosts” and stories issues 1 and 2), Steve Colloff (story issue #2), and James Fosdike (cover issue #2). Contributors to future issues may include Tanya Nicholls, Glenn Lumsden, Michal Dutkiewicz, and others.

To order or for further information, contact Darren Koziol ( or PO Box 811, Salisbury SA 5108).

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