New Love Found at Cosplay Deviants

New Love Found at Cosplay Deviants

Amber Love’s first  Wonder Woman set went live last night at! Please check it out and add your comments letting her know what you liked. She’ll take feedback and criticism seriously if it’s presented appropriately.

If you don’t know about C.D. the best way to explain it would be Playboy meets Wizard Magazine. Girls & guys start out representing their favorite characters from comics, movies, video games and animation; then progressively get to the fun part of dressing up – the undressing!

With any luck, we’ll see Amber team up with another girl some day to do a Wonder Woman “vs” set.

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One Response to “New Love Found at Cosplay Deviants”

  1. yukisuki says:

    not bad, but i think have hotter chicks, (and bigger guns haha)