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According to Sci-Fi Wire, when the upcoming 3-D sci-fi sequel film Tron Legacy hits theaters in December, it will feature original Tron stars Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner. But where’s Cindy Morgan, the hot blonde who played Lora and her digital counterpart, Yori?

Morgan, who now lives in Florida, talked with us on Wednesday and said it’s a mystery to her. “Indirectly folks called casting, and indirectly they said, ‘We love Cindy, but there really isn’t a part for her on this film,'” Morgan told us in a telephone interview. “Who knows what the real story is? It’s like a game of telephone. One person talks to another person that talks to another person.”

Morgan is putting together a coffee-table book on her Hollywood experiences but has been following the development of Tron Legacy, which picks up the story 28 years after the 1982 original and centers on Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), the son of Kevin Flynn (Bridges). (Possible spoilers ahead!)

Fans have been lobbying for Morgan to be in the movie, which has wrapped production: There are active campaigns online, such as “Yori Lives” on Facebook, which is independent of Morgan herself.

“All I know is what I’m seeing online,” Morgan said. “I am so thrilled and touched and excited about the fan reaction and about people talking about the first one and how it relates to the second one. I can’t tell you how warm a feeling I get from that. It just means so much.”

Nobody from Tron Legacy contacted Morgan, and she did not directly speak with anyone from the Joe Kosinski-directed sequel.

Read the rest of the story on Sci-Fi Wire.

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