The Crow Reboot To Begin Filming This Summer

Director Stephen Norrington’s upcoming relaunch of “The Crow” may finally be on the verge of getting a greenlight to begin production.

“The producer and visual effects people are crunching numbers,” Norrington told “We’ve opened discussions with major cast but nothing is final yet.”

Norrington also indicated that “The Crow” would probably be filmed before his supernatural World War II thriller, “The Lost Patrol.” Additionally, Norrington stated that he hopes to begin filming “The Crow” during the summer and that he expects to deliver a first draft of the script later this month.

“The Crow” was created in 1989 by James O’Barr and follows a young man named Eric Draven who assumes the identity of The Crow in order to avenge the murder of his fiancée. In 1994, director Alex Proyas adapted “The Crow” into a feature film starring the late Brandon Lee, which spawned three sequels. Norrington’s “Crow” is reportedly a new take on the material and does not use the Eric Draven character.

Norrington has previously directed two comic book movies — the original “Blade” film and “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” — before taking a long sabbatical from directing features. Norrington’s “Crow” film was first announced at the end of 2008.

Back in November, “The Crow” producer Ryan Kavanaugh stated that the script for the relaunch was already completed.

“The script is great,” related Kavanaugh. ”We’re very excited about it. ‘The Crow’ is definitely going to happen, we’re just getting all the pieces together right now. It’s not officially greenlit, but it’s going to happen… I think in a couple months we could have the package together for sure.”

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