Body-painted Witchblade

Body-painted Witchblade

From Newsarama:

I didn’t expect to start my day seeing a picture of a body-painted Witchblade. But because of Great White Snark and ComicsAlliance, I did:

Apparently this bit of body art was done by for the 2008 Dragon Con, and (perhaps thankfully?) doesn’t look as scabby as the real armor would. Because that might look weird in real life.

Want to see more images of the would-be Sara Pezzini? Take a gander over at GWS’ web site, right here.

2 Responses to “Body-painted Witchblade”

  1. buz says:

    Cool! I can’t quite tell if she has a top on or just bottoms. Reminds me of when the cons used to have pornstars in artist alley before the parents petitioned against it.

  2. Jason Tudor says:

    I went to DC 2008. I missed her. HOW?


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