Green Arrow Animated Short Announced

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s “Batman: Under The Red Hood” news, word has emerged that the third short in the animated “DC Showcase” series will be “Green Arrow.”

During an interview with Comics Continuum, Warner Brothers Animation supervising producer Alan Burnett revealed that “Green Arrow” would be the third of three 10-minute animated “DC Showcase” episodes. Burnett also mentioned that a fourth DC animated short is also in the works, which will be 22 minutes long. However, Burnett declined to say which characters would be featured in the fourth short.

The “DC Showcase” series was announced last July when rumors of an animated “Jonah Hex” short were confirmed.

Shortly thereafter, word broke that “The Spectre” will star in a short on the upcoming “Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths” DVD. Gary Cole (“Entourage”) will portray The Spectre, with Alyssa Milano in a supporting role. Joaquim Dos Santos (“G.I Joe: Resolute”) directed the short from a story by comic book scribe Steve Niles.

During the interview, Burnett briefly offered some additional background on what fans can expect from “The Spectre.”

“[The Spectre] is not an easy character, because he’s the spirit of vengeance and [he] can do anything,” related Burnett. “Steve [Niles] has written an interesting story about him and I think people will like it. It’s very different from other superhero stuff that we’ve done.”

Burnett also disclosed that novelist Joe Lansdale has written the “Jonah Hex” short, revisiting the character he wrote in three Vertigo miniseries during the ’90s.

One Response to “Green Arrow Animated Short Announced”

  1. buz says:

    Sounds awesome. I’m a huge fan of animation and these characters….especially the specter. Steve Niles will hopefully do a good job….its a dark character so we should be safe. …
    I’m guessing we will see full length versions of these as interest takes form and DC spins each character they own as independent properties for multimedia marketing.