Young Justice League Animated Series In The Works?

Could a “Young Justice League” animated series be on the horizon? A report that hit the ‘Net and was removed a short time later seems to indicate that’s the case.

“I am beyond thrilled to announce that I was recently cast in the new animated series, ‘Young Justice League’, based on the famous (and awesome!?) DC Comics,” wrote actress Stephanie Lemelin in a statement on her website that was snagged by before being removed. “I seriously could not be more excited about being welcomed into this amazing family… what a fantastic way to start the new year! I will be voicing the character of Arrowette (see ridiculously hot avatar below!!! um, could I love her anymore?) as well as several supporting cast members.”

“Due to the extreme popularity of this series, however, that’s about all I can say… for now,” continued Lemelin. “[I am] so excited, this is really a dream come true for me, I have always wanted to be a Saturday morning cartoon!”

Lemelin is perhaps best known for role in the short lived “Cavemen” sitcom on ABC and was also the voice of Mei Ling in “Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five.” Shortly after this story broke, the statement was removed from her website.

“Young Justice” was originally published in 1998 as an ongoing series written by Peter David (with art by Todd DeZago and Todd Nauck) that featured Robin, Superboy, Impulse, Wonder Girl and two new super-heroines, Secret and Arrowette. The series was often noted for its lighter touch on superheroes and ran until 2003 when the majority of the cast was folded into a new “Teen Titans” title.

If a “Young Justice League” television series is going forward, it will presumably be used to create a brand outside of the “Teen Titans” franchise, which ran for several years as a popular animated series.

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