The Unwritten on New York Times Best-Sellers list

As of this week, Vertigo’s acclaimed series The Unwritten is number 8 on the Paperback Graphic Books Best-Sellers’ list. Now, you might not think that’s a big deal, but considering the list only has two freshman titles, I think this is an amazing feat since I’m shocked people aren’t picking up this incredible story. If you are unfamiliar with the title, it focuses around a young man by the name of Tommy Taylor, who may or may not be, the fictional boy wizard character of his missing father’s novels. However, Harry Potter, this ain’t.

Blog@ spoke with co-creator and writer of the series, Mike Carey about this announcement and what it means to him. “We’d heard this was coming last week, but we weren’t allowed to leak it! It’s fantastic that the book is getting such a great reception. It’s popping up in all kinds of lists of the best of 2009, Publishers’ Weekly gave it a really positive review, and now we turn up in the New York Times charts. The whole Unwritten team is very proud, and at the same time it puts us on our mettle. You really don’t want to blow it with so many people watching.”

Even though I have all the issues thus far in the series, I made sure to get a copy of the trade just so I could lend it out to readers who haven’t discovered this book yet.

The Unwritten Vol.1: “Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity” collects issues 1-5 and is available for $9.99.

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