SP! Nexus Magazine’s Second Issue Arrives

SP! Nexus Magazine’s Second Issue Arrives

SP! Nexus Magazine’s Second Issue is out! Better than the first? You be the judge!

On Monday morning, the January issue of SP! Nexus was released to the public as a free PDF download, receiving more than 100 downloads in less than 24 hours. Pretty good, right? Well, here’s why…. The January issue features interviews with Shannon Wheeler (Too Much Coffee Man), Sean Gordon Murphy (artist for Grant Morrison’s new book, Joe the Barbarian which was released TODAY), Jay Piscopo (Undersea Adventures of Capt’n Eli), a tribute to the late Spanish Wolfman, Paul Naschy, reviews of a bunch of indie / small press / self-published books, some original fiction, movie, book, and music reviews… and more… Clocking in just under 100 pages, this magazine is worth a download ~ so go do it! If you missed the December issue, go check that out, too!


SP! NEXUS January Issue –


SP! NEXUS December Issue –


But there’s more…. In the coming months, we have interviews planned with people such as Michael Avon Oeming, Mark Poulton (Koni Waves and a higher up at Arcana Comics), Stephen Lindsay (Jesus Hates Zombies), and the list keeps on coming…

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