Dawn 2009 Sketchbook – Dynamic Forces Exclusive

Dawn 2009 Sketchbook – Dynamic Forces Exclusive

As with my usual travels around the internet I came across the Dawn 2009 Sketchbook which is an exclusive item over at Dynamic Forces.

I have been a fan of Dawn since I first came across the Dawn Books from Sirius in the mid nineties and I try to get my hands on anything I can that Joseph Michael Linsner puts out.

Yes I know there is a major element of cheesecake in these books but the stories are something that fit in with my core beliefs as I’m of a non organized religion myself.

That being said if you have ever seen any of Joseph Michael Linsner’s art you will want this sketch book.

Just go over to the Dynamic Forces website and put your order in for one of the best artists (In my opinion) to ever draw the female form!


The Dawn Sketchbook is $20.00 Introductory Price for the 20th Anniversary.
Joseph Michael Linsner‘s Dawn has been gracing comic shops and conventions for 20 years, and her staying power is unprecedented by any other female character with few exceptions! This pin up book with drawings of Dawn from her last 20 years is an incredible journey through Joe Michael Linsner’s eyes! And Joe shares his thoughts of what his inspirations were for some of the drawings, as well as pointing out the dates of when he drew them. This is a once in a life-time opportunity. As we “march” in to cool DF Comics, we’re bringing this in at an Introductory Price of $20.00 for her 20th Anniversary. But act fast, as there are only 2,500 in the world, and after March 30th, these will increase to $49.99 each!

One Response to “Dawn 2009 Sketchbook – Dynamic Forces Exclusive”

  1. buz says:

    Love this book. I was around when dawn came out and its longevity is amazing.
    The early art from 88 and 89 is genius to see how the vision has always been there.