Quick Reviews for a Thursday Night

Quick Reviews for a Thursday Night

As I have been fairly busy with packing a house for when I move in 3 weeks I thought I’d give you all a couple of quick reviews of what I have had a chance to read lately.

Witchblade 132

The start of the next 2 issue arch where Sara and her partner/boyfriend Patrick take some time away only to find out that there is issues with children going missing which has to do with some kind of folk story we all know.

As always the art is fantastic and you can’t complain with Sara relaxing wearing only a sheet!

A nice introduction for anyone wanting to get in on the series and Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic are a great combination to tell a great story that everyone should be reading.

Green Arrow/Black Canary 26

I have been a Green Arrow fan since I was a kid with the black and white reprint anthologies that my father would get me. Unfortunately I feel that I’m missing something.

I’ve been reading this book within 5 minutes for the last 5-6 issues. I’m loving Mike Norton’s art in the main feature but it just seems to go through so fast with no substance to it.

If you were interested in the characters I’d get the start of the run or go back to The Longbow Hunters or Kevin Smith’s run. I’m going to stick with it for a little longer hoping it gets it’s hooks into me.

Green Lantern Corps 42

All of the Blackest Night/Green Lantern books have been great of late. I’ve only been reading the 2 Green Lantern books and Blackest Night but the story has me itching for the next ones to come out.

The unfortunate thing with this issue is I had the last page spoiled for me as I didn’t get my issue the day it came out and had to wait a week before I could get it. That being said it is a major part of the overall Blackest Night storyline but as I grew up with Hal as my Lantern and not the unnamed one (I don’t want you all to have the same experience I did) it didn’t affect me as much as what it has out there.

As an issue you need to know the rest of the story so it’s not a good jumping on point but if you were going to read a Green Lantern Book you would have started either just before Blackest Night or going back to the Sinestro Corp War.

Supergod 1

I’ve been looking forward to this book as it’s the start of the 3rd part of the Trilogy that Warren Ellis has been doing with Black Summer, No Hero and now Supergod.

At the moment it seems that this is more toned down compared to the first 2 with only mentions of violence and no actual, On Panel, violence in this issue.

With it starting off as a recording of sorts of how the world ended it’s the start of the story of how various nations were trying to create their own Super Human and what happens when they succeed.

As with all of Ellis’ Avatar work I can’t recommend it enough and if you haven’t read any before this is only issue 1 so run out and get it.

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