Global Frequency On TV: Round 2

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The Twitter account of industry magazine PRODUCTION WEEKLY just posted on teh twittarz:

The CW will again try to adapt Warren Ellis’ comic book “Global Frequency,” this time Scott Nimerfro will script the pilot.

Which I discovered because half a dozen people retweeted it at me within about thirty seconds of it landing.

I haven’t been cleared to comment yet, so I can’t really add anything to this. I’ve spoken briefly to Scott Nimerfro — by which I mean I threatened to have him stabbed, and he thanked me and told me a funny story about how he’s had worse threats — and he is Okay.

Anyway. Yes. Shouldn’t say any more until I get the nod from the studio. But yes.

(Also, yes, I did tell John Rogers. But John, you know, has his own hit show LEVERAGE these days. One of his temple houris told me that John, from the depths of the bed made of golden vaginas that they wheel him around in, wishes me luck.)

I’m really hoping they go through with this… I have seen the original pilot and it would have made a great show if it wasn’t for the leaks etc that killed it.

2 Responses to “Global Frequency On TV: Round 2”

  1. RAVEN says:

    the internet leak is BS most pilots end up on the net (except the ultra girl/seven days pilot). if Michelle Forbes isn’t playing miranda zero don’t bother making it.

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    Raven I’m with you on that one… I can’t see anyone else as Miranda!


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