Devils Due Goes Digital

Renown for its hit comics from Jericho, Voltron and Hack/Slash to Mercy Sparx and Spartacus, Devils Due Publishing’s titles are now available on the iPhone, with a massive catalog of even more volumes coming every week.

The Chicago-based comic book company’s titles can be found via the popular iPhone applications comiXology and soon on iVerse Media, with iVerse utilizing the PSP player platform, as well.

Realizing the full potential of mobile distribution, DDP will pioneer new efforts aimed to match the demand for interactive content in this age of the digital revolution.

Announcing its recent partnership with hip-hop celebrity Murs, DDP announced its joint comic MerchGirl, slated for a January 2010 release will take advantage of the new medium in unique ways.

With the advent and proliferation of hand-held applications, DDP’s PopCulture-themed stories are no longer limited to the comic-centric consumer. The breadth of DDP’s titles such as Jericho and Voltron, which became mainstream sensations can be downloaded instantly to millions of end-users.

“Comics on the iPhone are allowing us to instantly reach millions of potential customers who have never set foot in a comic book store, DDP President Josh Blaylock said. “It’s really going to expand the comic reading audience like never before, and in turn inspire many of those readers to search out print editions.”

From its rich library of over 200 DDP titles and issues, Jericho, Voltron, Hack/Slash, Mercy Sparx and Kore are available now. In the coming weeks, digital versions of Spartacus and Drafted will follow. All first issues of each comic are available for free on the comiXology app. Download at

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