Mike Oliveri’s The Pack – Winter Kill Announced

Mike Oliveri’s The Pack – Winter Kill Announced

I’ve just finished reading this on Mike Oliveri’s Blog. The promotion for his new book is starting and if you remember he did the werewolf Comic ‘Call of the Wild’ a couple of years back.

Evileye is going to be launching their advertising campaign soon. I think this is the first time I’ve had an actual marketing campaign attached to anything I’ve done before. Here’s a look at one of our first ads:

HWA Pack Ad

Obviously I’ve done my own self promotions before, but this time there’s a budget beyond the moths flying out of my wallet. Exciting stuff.

Fire-and-forget is a combat system, not a marketing campaign. Many small presses are content to post their work to genre bookstores or direct market catalogs and hope for the best, but the problem with that is they’re only selling to the same small base of customers over and over. Sure, landing an Amazon listing gets you widely available, but now the people have to find you on Amazon, and a link from your own website just isn’t going to cut it. A direct market catalog may hit every store in the country, but when that catalog is an inch thick and you’re on a tiny fraction of a page for one month, it’s hard to stand out.

Hell, I’ve even heard stories about hardcore fans of certain properties who had no idea some books or comics about said properties existed. If your biggest fans aren’t finding you, something is seriously wrong with the way you’re doing business. (It also doesn’t help when the direct market is letting you down by not filling your fans’ orders, but that’s a rant for another post.)

So yeah, I’m thrilled Winter Kill will be available on the Kindle, in trade paperback on Amazon, and even in bookstores (we’re working on it). The book is written and Evileye has their distribution ducks in a row. Now the hard work of selling it begins.

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