FVZA Preview Review

FVZA Preview Review

I was recently in The Phantom Zone (My local comic shop) and after chatting about different books they pointed out to me that Radical had put out a preview of the new series FVZA by David Hine and Roy Allan Martinez. With my order he through in the preview so I could check it out.

I finally got down to reading it today and what can I say… The artwork is fantastic. It’s very reminiscent of Stephan Sejic who is the current artist for Witchblade from Top Cow and as that is something that I have been loving I jumped right into the book.

As I said the artwork is beautiful and the painted style does give a lot more depth to the story from the shadows to the way you see the flames licking at the burning vampires. It gives you that extra bit of realism that the story leads you to feel that it could be happening today.

fzva1 by you.

As for the writing it’s intense and also has me looking for more from the time that I finished I was hanging for more. I was first introduced to David Hines writing from his Spawn run which had me coming back to the character after I stopped reading it way back in the 20’s. He knows the dark side of things fairly well from everything I have read and you can see there is a love of the genre that he’s putting into the book.

The Preview goes through the history of the FZVA from it’s inception by Ulysses S Grant and up through World War 2 to what seems to be a modern day setting. Giving you enough background information to start with and showing how this world has evolved with Vampire and Zombie outbreaks throughout history.

Also from the inside cover this is to be part of the first book but unlike other previews that have been out in the past this is a free book to get you to come back for the rest of the series.

Also as Radical have been changing the way they are presenting their books with FZVA and Incarnate where they are going to a 3 issue mini series but a 52 page book for $4.99 which to me seems to be a bridge between the issue vs. trade debate. I see this as a welcome change as you are getting more for your money and it’s also helping with the writers/artists as they have more space to flesh out the story rather than having to put a cliff hanger every 22 pages.

From this sample I’d recommend this book to anyone interested in the Genre.


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