Moon Knight Saga Preview

Moon Knight Saga Preview

I’ve been a recent fan of Moon Knight. I hadn’t known of the character for very long. I first heard about the character on some earlier Comic Geek Speak episodes and the passion that Kevin would talk about him. So when Charlie Huston started his run in 2006 which to be honest wasn’t the best of comics.

I stuck it out for about 10 issues and dropped it as I wasn’t enjoying it.

That being said when I picked up my comics a few weeks back, as always, I had a couple issues of Comic Shop News and with that I received the free Moon Knight Saga.

I had some time before leaving for work today to sit down and read it and I was surprised. I was expecting an introduction to the new series with edits to his history as per usual what I received was something else.

John Rhett Thomas and Dugan Trodglen with Jess Harrold are the writers which I haven’t read anything by them before but what they have done is weaved Moon Knight’s history together from his inseption through to where they will be picking up the story for the new series.

Now I have read the first Moon Knight Essentials and a lot of that has been dated with the writing style but for the most part I was getting into the stories.

What John, Dugan and Jess have done is update what was already there and from what I can tell it hasn’t changed anything major. It’s told from Moon Knights POV as he is giving his life story.

After being let down by the last series this has brought the character back to mind as someone I want to read about. They take you back when he was created and go through all of the major points throughout his history and I couldn’t get enough.

Also I wasn’t expecting something so wordy. But not in a bad way at all. There are no speech bubbles, with it all being told via dialogue boxes so if you sit down for a quick read you won’t get it here.

Also the art is fantastic. From what I can tell they are using art from previous publications of the character and there is a large list of artists using for this preview.

All in all I was going to be passing over on this series but after reading the preview I will be picking it up!


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