DC Comics is now DC Entertainment

One shoe drops. Then, another. It’s a game of oneupsmanship. So, in addition to Yoko Ono blowing the debut of the Beatles on iTunes (as reported by Sky News, then later YANKED off the IntraWebz), here’s another of today’s headlines of concern. In short, DC Comics is transforming. Again, it begs the question — where are comic books in all this change and how will they transform themselves on the other side of all this? Your thoughts?

One Response to “DC Comics is now DC Entertainment”

  1. Alan says:

    To be honest, there’s been that much crossover in comics lately, especially DC, that it’s hard to keep track of stories. Half the time you need to buy a bunch of other titles to follow the story in one. It wouldn’t surprise me to see comics really suffer through a combination of that and these big corporate changes. People will buy less comics. Already I’m starting to favour trades over comics, which I never did before.