11 Questions with Dwight MacPherson

11 Questions with Dwight MacPherson

It’s 11 Questions time again and this time I have had the pleasure to interview a good friend of mine, Dwight MacPherson, who is the writer of The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allen Poo, Deadmen Tell no Tales, M Theory, Interagents, Kid Houdini and the Silver Dollar Misfits, American McGee’s Grimm and also last months Winning Zuda strip Sidewise to mention just a few titles he is working on.

So on with the interview!

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  • What initiated your interest in comics?

The pretty pictures! I was four when I looked at my first comics, so it was the art that drew me to comic books as a child. In my teens, I was a huge Swamp Thing and Nexus fan. Those were the two books that really actuated a lifelong love of comics for me.

  • Was it always your dream to work in comics or did you somehow ‘fall into it’?

From the time I was a child, I dreamed of drawing comic books. As I got older–and realized I was a terrible artist–I moved into storytelling. Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing was the catalyst for my decision to write comic books one day.

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  • Who do you look up to as influences?

My greatest influences are Alan Moore, Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. Alan Moore is my greatest comic book influence, but Poe’s and Lovecraft’s exploration of the human condition and the basest of human emotions pervade my work as well.

  • You always seem to be working on multiple things at once, how many irons to you have in the fire at the moment?

I have several irons in the fire at the moment. Sadly, I really can’t talk about any of my upcoming projects at this time.

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  • Do you find writing for a title like Grimm which is someone else’s property different than for your creator owned title Sidewise, on Zuda?

Sure. When working with someone else’s property, you must answer to the creator of that property. In this case, American McGee was very open and permissive and allowed me to work freely with his character, but not all adaptations allow you such freedom.

  • If you had your pick of any property within the comic book medium to work on what would it be?

My own. While I would gladly work on a project for either of the Big Two, I get the most satisfaction creating my own worlds and characters. That’s why SIDEWISE is such a joy. Yes, I get to work for DC Comics, but I’m doing my own thing. It’s a dream come true.

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  • How do you take on someone else’s property, and run with it, if you haven’t seen or heard of it before?

Research, my friend. I’m an avid reader and I really enjoy conducting research. Before I open a Word document to begin writing, I’ve already spent several days (or weeks and months in some cases) familiarizing myself with the property.

  • How have you found the reaction to your books?

Reaction, for the most part, has been overwhelmingly positive. As you remember, we were nominated for a Harvey and Eagle Award for The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo Book 1. Beyond that, fans have been extremely complimentary at conventions and on the internet. I’m convinced that I have the greatest fans in our solar system… and perhaps beyond.

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  • What has been the greatest thing you have either done or been told about your work since you started in the industry?

Receiving a complimentary e-mail from Kurt Busiek was a high point, as was having one of my books nominated for a Harvey and Eagle Award. I am most proud of seeing my work on display in the Poe Museum and the Library of Virginia. As a lifelong fan of Poe’s work, it still seems surreal.

  • What genre that you haven’t worked on before would you like to try your hands at?

What’s left? [laughs] I’ve really attempted to show my range by writing in several different genres. I’m not a fan of true crime, so I don’t believe you’ll see me write that genre anytime in the near future.

  • Who would be the one person you would want to work with if you had the chance and why?

Alan Moore. The man’s a genius.

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I’d like to thank Dwight for taking some time from his extremely busy schedule to participate in this installment of 11 Questions. If you want to find out more about what Dwight is up to you can always follow him on Twitter and check out his Blog.

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