Hogs Breath Stinks!

Hogs Breath Stinks!

Hogs Breath

I’m not generally one to rant too much but I’ve felt that this one I have to get out. Last night I and my family went out for dinner at the Hogs Breath Cafe in Castle Hill (Australia). As we got there everyone was kind and polite to us as we ordered and even while we were eating they would come up and ask us if everything is ok.

Now I don’t mind that in a restaurant as you can always ask for more drinks or anything along those lines.

That being said we came to the end of our meals and wanted to get some dessert. And we sat there waiting, and waiting, and waiting and even had people look at us as we motioned for them to come over. But they didn’t seem to bother.

Now this year is the 20th anniversary for the Hogs Breath and they had a promotion saying with every steak meal you get a free dessert. It seems that they don’t want to give away anything free as we waited for at least 10 minutes.

Now for those that don’t know, I have 2 young kids. 3 and 5 to be exact and trying to keep them seated while getting someone’s attention so we can get dessert was a nightmare.

So we all got up to ask at the counter for it and within a minute they had cleaned off the table and were showing more people to it. This just shows that they really don’t care about their customers at all.

We decided to leave, with crying kids in tow, so we could find somewhere else to take them to get some dessert.

The manager even came up and asked if everything was ok and then walked off when we were telling him what had happened.

This is the second Hogs Breath we have had issues with and if you’re thinking of going to one then I’d really have a look around for something better.

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