The God Machine

The God Machine

This month in Previews we have The God Machine coming out from Archaia Studio Press and created by Chandra Free. If you have been a fan of the twisted worlds that Jhonen Vasquez and Roman Durge have created with I Feel Sick and Lenore (respectively) and the gothy goodness of Gloomcookie then this will be a book for you.

The story revolves around Guy who we find out in the first issue has lost someone and is being haunted every time he goes to sleep. Along with this we have the gods playing with it and an introduction to Satan.

Guy from what I gathered is an Ex-Goth who still has friends in the goth community but everyone is getting on his nerves when they get all down and depressive.

Chandra weaves an intriguing story with lots of humour linked in there to give the book some life and it also has me wondering about some of the creatures that are turning up like the fridge robbers and what part they are going to play down the track.

Chandra’s art also is a perfect fit for the book. Dark and gritty and it reminds me of Invader Zim for the most part with the angular features on all of the characters. Along with that there is also the fun feel I would get while reading Gloomcookie back when that first came out.

If you were at SDCC hopefully you had stopped by the Archaia booth and picked up the Ashcan that she had for the show as well. I know I have mine on it’s way!

The God Machine is in this month’s previews with Order Code AUG90638 and you can check out some preview art from Chandra’s Website.

Print off the below Flyer and take it to your local store to preorder.

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