What did you get this week? 29/7/2009

What did you get this week? 29/7/2009

As it’s another week and there are a few things I have listed to come out this week.

There are a couple that are unconfirmed but I’ll find out when I get to the shop.

Doktor Sleepless #13
Writer: Warren Ellis
Art: Ivan Rodriguez

People are hunting Doktor Sleepless. There’s a journalist on the streets trying to unpick his skein of lies and half-truths. There’s a killer on the streets who wants to save the world from him. There’s an old colleague with a gun who wants to ask him some questions. There’s Grinders waiting for him to tell them what to do, there are people wondering why their city seems to be falling apart around them and looking for someone to blame… and no-one’s seen Doktor Sleepless in weeks. Police Commissioner Preston Stoker, watching his city burn, has to wonder — what is the mad scientist out to destroy everything planning now? Warren Ellis’ on-going satirical-political science fiction novel continues its decent into madness.

Gravel #14
Writer: Warren Ellis, Mike Wolfer
Art: Mike Wolfer

Combat Magician William Gravel is playing with powers far beyond his own in this explosive concluding chapter of the ‘Major Seven’ story arc! It’s all gone wrong, and now the kings and queens of magic in England are stalking William Gravel. One of them is a murderer. The others have been insulted and want revenge. These are people who could tear your skin off with a glance. But William Gravel has been killing people for a living for much longer… This is the black magic epic ending that you didn’t see coming!

Ignition City #4 (of 5)
Writer: Warren Ellis
Art: Gianluca Pagliarani

Where did the space heroes go to die? A major new series by Warren Ellis, the writer who reinvented science fiction in comics — a retro-punk ‘future of the past’ where spaceships still belched smoke and arguments were still settled with laser pistols. Mary Raven has to die. Today might be Mary Raven’s last day on Earth, trapped on the last spaceport where no-one cares about murder and the only real currency is fear. She has her dead father’s raygun, and that’s enough for space hero turned arms dealer Lightning Bowman to want her dead. But she also has her dead father’s diary. And now she knows something no-one else in the settlement does…and they’ll want her dead for that, too…

Living Corpse #8
Writer/Artist: Ken Haeser & Buz Hasson

After the shocking events of last issue, Lilith finds herself part of The Living Corpse’s world just as she always dreamed. But as the dream becomes reality, she may realize that you must be careful what you wish for! And will The Living Corpse let her survive the experience before she embraces her new role as a creature of the night? Also The Living Corpse’s past comes back to haunt him! What happened the night that The Corpse came back? Why did he strike a deal with Asteroth! How did his son survive the zombie outbreak? Find the answers here!

Madame Xanadu #13
Writer: Matt Wagner
Art and Cover: Michael Wm. Kaluta

A young daughter pleads for Madame Xanadu to use her powers of sight to investigate deeper into her father’s mysterious death. But the family secrets Madame Xanadu digs up are the kind that no one truly wants brought to light. Generations of deceit can charge a heavy toll, and the fortune-teller will discover why it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie.

The Mice Templar: Destiny #1
Writer: Michael Avon Oeming & Bryan JL Glass
Art: Victor Santos & Michael Avon Oeming
Cover Michael Avon Oeming
Variant Cover Victor Santos & Veronica Gandini

The second chapter in the saga of the Mice Templar begins here! The Templar have fallen, leaving the natural world in the grip of tyrants and ever-increasing chaos. The promise of restoration for the Templar and the salvation of all creatures now lies in the paws of the newly-knighted Karic. But as sinister powers seek to thwart him, others are desperate to use his mission for personal agendas. Now Karic is anxious to complete his training so that he might rescue his family from slavery. But his new master is Cassius, a bitter Templar exile who does not believe in Karic’s destiny. Their journey takes them to the legendary Haunted Wood, a dead forest inhabited by Diabhlan, ancient evil spirits hungry to feed off of living souls.

What did you get?

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