Grendel Munny Finished

Grendel Munny Finished

Of late I have been going through The Art of Matt Wagner’s Grendel. It’s a book I go through every so often and this last time was inspired by going to Supanova last month and having Tim Sale sign the book for me.

As I was going through it there was a page dedicated to an 8 inch Munny vinyl figure that Matt had painted up for auction. After seeing this I decided that I wanted to do one.

In my passed I used to paint a lot of Warhammer style figures from Games Workshop but it has been a few years since I did something like this. So after some research online I found the cheapest price for one and ordered it.

You get a blank figure as you can see below.

munny by you.

The next step in the creation process was to spray it all black. I think left it over night to dry and then touched it up as needed with a couple of coats to give it an all over solid coat.

Munny Grendel 01 by you.

I then decided to start at the bottom with the boots and gloves. As I was so out of practice with my painting I wanted to start with something simpler and from then go onto the mask as I wanted it to be the focus on the figure.

Again I took my time with the boots and gloves, putting on a couple of coats so it would give an even look on it.

Munny Grendel 02 by you.

The next night I felt it was time to tackle the mask. I have the book in front of me so I could get the feel of where it would be placed on the figure. I started off with the nose so it would set up the lines for where the eyes would go. As the figure itself had a distinct nose placement on it, I was able to place that and start putting the bottom line of the mask and went on to finishing the main part of the eyes. After that was finished I painted the ‘slashes’ which are at the top and bottom of the eyes and gave it a light coat.

Munny Grendel 03 by you.

The figure was almost finished at this point. I had to do some touch ups and shaping with some black paint so the eyes looked symmetrical but even tho the black I used was slightly difference to the original spray, having a gloss base and a matt for touch up, but that would be fixed with the lacquering.

I used a couple of coats of gloss lacquer for the strength in case there could be any damage by the kids looking at it and dropping it or if it fell over and then a final coat of matt lacquer to dull down the brightness and it lets you see more detail in the figure.

Munny Grendel 04 by you.

And all that is left is to put it on the shelf and admire the finished product. I think I did go a little heavy on some of the coats but as with everything this is a learning experience so if I go with my plan and do a mighty mugg next I think things will go better.

Munny Grendel 05 by you.

One thing in the process that would give a better finish if I actually had the equipment to air brush the figure rather than just go to it with a pot of paint and a brush but that’s something that wouldn’t come in the near future!

One Response to “Grendel Munny Finished”

  1. Jason Wright says:

    Awesome job! I’ve never had the fine motor control for painting, myself, but I see the blank figures in Previews.