Tron 2 Pictures Surface

Tron 2 Pictures Surface

Just released from SDCC is some new screenshots from the upcoming Tron 2 movie. If you remember there was a leak of a promo video from SDCC 2007 which had some of the footage of the movie but we haven’t seen anything since.

I’ve been waiting for this movie for a long time now and back in the early 80’s the first movie helped me get into sci-fi and technology so without further adieu here are the new images:

2 Responses to “Tron 2 Pictures Surface”

  1. Jason Wright says:

    TRON. Wow. When I worked on a mainframe system, suddenly the movie clicked for me on a whole new level, but I’ve always loved it. My friends in elementary school and I spent that summer throwing frisbees at one another trying to de-res each other.

    I think I have to pull out the DVD’s and give it another watch.

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    It’s a movie that I’ve watched a couple of times a year when I feel the pull for it. Also the Game that they did a few years back helped fill the hole of some more Tron goodness… I’m glad something is finally happening with it!