Chandra Free (The God Machine) at SDCC

Chandra Free (The God Machine) at SDCC

For those going to SDCC be sure you go and check out Chandra Free who is the creator of The God Machine. TGM is to be coming out from Archaia in the near future and will have an Ashcan for sale at SDCC.

San Diego Comic-con [July 23-26, San Diego, CA]
Con hours-
6-9 Weds , 9:30-7 Thurs-Sat, 9:30-5 Sun

Chandra will be at the Archaia booth #2635 – between the Image and Marvel booths!* [*click link for SDCC floor map & booth numbers.]

Archaia signing booth schedule [click link for image of schedule]

Also Chandra will be on an Archaia panel with the Awakening boys [fabu Nick Tapalansky & amazing Alex Eckman-Lawn], The Killer’s writer [Matz], and the new SPOCK [Zackery Quinto]!

5:30-6:30 Archaia: New Titles— Come hear about the great titles Archaia has in store, including Awakening (with writer Nick Tapalansky and artist Alex Eckman-Lawn), The Killer (with writer Matz), and The God Machine (with creator Chandra Free). Then: You’ve watched him for three seasons on NBC’s Heroes playing Sylar and on the big screen as Spock in the new Star Trek movie, but what do actor Zachary Quinto and his colleagues at media production company Before the Door Pictures have to do with Archaia? Find out exclusively at this panel, which will feature Quinto, Corey Moosa and Neal Dodson of Before the Door Pictures, plus appearances by top-secret special guests with additional announcements! Room 5AB

Room 5AB
Sat. programing panels info

At the Archaia booth Chandra will have The God Machine Mini-comic [exclusive content to this mini], prints, commissions, goodies[courtesy of DRD of Peoples Republic of Venture <3], and smiles. 😉

Also, Sullengrey Sacrifice #1 [Gajeway/Rausch/Berry], featuring interior colors by myself, will be at the Ape booth #2203 at #SDCC. Be sure to check that out!

Make sure you pick up one of The God Machine Ashcans tho… I’ll be waiting for mine to arrive after after the con!

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