Anna Mercury 2 #1 Review

Anna Mercury 2 #1 Review

Written by Warren Ellis
Art by Facundo Percio
Colours by Digikore Studios
Covers by Paul Duffield (regular), Juan Jose Ryp (Wrap), Felipe Massafera (Painted)

Dancing amid the spires of a city called New Ataraxia, there is a woman who can cloud men’s minds, leap across buildings as if weightless, unerringly fire twin automatic pistols in the most insane conditions, and disappear in a crowded room.

She fights against the political repression of an insane technocratic society, and she comes from a place that no-one in New Ataraxia has ever heard of. And she’s got one hour to save the city from itself. A high-octane blend of The Shadow, Tomb Raider, retro-punk science fiction and 21st-century Weird Pulp action, Anna Mercury is a headlong adventure serial about a beautiful and mysterious spy-adventurer who is not what she seems!

Anna Mercury 2: Ultraspacial Dreadnought Vanaheim #1 by Avatar Press.
Standard Cover: Paul Duffield

We were first introduced to Anna Mercury with the first 5 issue series that came out in March 2008 with issue #0. This title took of running with our introduction to Anna and her futuristic spy adventure.

As we start off with the second series we are again thrown right into the action where we see Anna getting chased through a busy street with her swinging above the cars, bumping into people and fighting for her life. As we see about 7 pages in, she didn’t fair too well with the pursuers calling for a meat wagon.

As so fat I have only read the first part of the series, the issue is setting up a lot of things to happen within the series but there are some spectacular action sequences throughout the book.

The art, as with ever Avatar book I have seen, is superb. I’ve found that there are a lot of new artists being found to be used on these books who are some of the best I have ever came across. With that being said Digikore Studios are doing the best at complementing the art with a colour palate that just blows me away.

Anna Mercury 2: Ultraspacial Dreadnought Vanaheim #1 Painted Cover by Avatar Press.
Painted Cover: Felipe Massafera

Now I generally only get the wrap covers for Avatar books but as you can see from the pictures without this review you won’t be loosing anything by getting any or all of the covers.

You don’t need to have read the first mini series to know what is going on in the story but I would recommend reading it so you can start to understand the universe of New Ataraxia and how there are splinter worlds that don’t even know that the others exist.

Anna Mercury 2: Ultraspacial Dreadnought Vanaheim #2 Wraparound by Avatar Press.
Wrap Cover: Juan Jose Ryp

Warren Ellis writes an interesting world which characters that you do care about and you can tell this is a world that he has created and can do whatever he wants in.

Overall this is a series I would recommend to anyone who’s interested in a Sci-Fi/Alternative reality series with elements of James Bond and a sunning red head main character!

It should be in any good comic shop now.


If you want to get the original series click on the link below to get it from

One Response to “Anna Mercury 2 #1 Review”

  1. Jason Wright says:

    I agree, it’s a great book. I’ve pre-ordered every issue as they’ve been made available. My girlfriend has read the trade of the first story multiple times, so this is a book I order for both of us.

    I’m not too wild about Ellis’ work for Marvel lately, but his Avatar stuff is awesome.