Supanova Day 2

Supanova Day 2

As I have done over the last couple of years, the second day of Supanova has been a day that I spend with my son so he can get in on the hobby and get a day out doing something different. We got there around 9am just so we could get in line and I could get a Tim Sale fast pass. Malachi did well waiting around in line.

He decided that he was going to have to wear his Clone Trooper costume that he had received the day before. This had him getting more attention than he wanted as people wanted to get photos of him and he didn’t want to have any taken. Maybe next year!

As it got closer to the 10am opening time, Malachi was looking in through the doors and started getting excited since he’d started seeing Stormtroopers and a R2D2 roaming around inside. We didn’t have much longer to wait and they let everyone who had been in the day before first so with in a minute of getting into the show I was down at Tim Sale’s table to get my fastpass.

After that since it was Malachi’s day there we started searching out Star Wars for him. Since I knew where the were set up, near the cafe so I could get my morning coffee, we headed towards the 501st and the R2D2 builders tables where Kai was overjoyed to see them and would walk up and ask for photos with the Stormtroopers then tell me to get the camera out.

Kai and Stormtroopers by Lord Shaper.

Kai and R2D2 by Lord Shaper.

After fulfilling Kai’s will I headed us over to get the life giving coffee and we planned out what he wanted to do throughout the day. Kai wanted to go and say hello to Stewart McKenny who he remembered from last year and then he proceeded to remind me that we had left his sketch book at home.

From there Kai was basically leading me up and down aisles as we looked for anything and everything he was looking for. He looked at nearly every toy stand that was there and came out with an Anakin Skywalker bobble head that he needed for something that he hasn’t told me about yet. Also when we went past a cosplay stand he saw some oversized blow up swords and asked for one. As they were only $5 I didn’t see a problem with it and after he chose “the right one” he let me know it was for his sister as he had a lot of toy swords and he wanted her to get one. The thing is the one he picked is 2 feet taller than her.

Batgirl by Lord Shaper.

Soon after it was time to get back to Tim’s table so he could start on my sketch. I’ll talk about that in a later post when I have it all scanned in. After that I was planning on doing some recording with Christopher Sequeira but it was around lunch time so Kai and I went for some food. about 30 minutes later we were back on the floor and Kai came across the EB Games booth where he wanted to play some of the games they were showing there and we ended up sitting there for another half an hour while he indulged in playing a new Donkey Kong game for the Wii, which thankfully he hasn’t asked me to pick up yet.

As we finished there I could see that Kai was getting over the crowds so we went up to the balcony where he could not have as many people around him and also he could stand there and look for anyone in costume and also he watched the wrestling. We stayed up there for about 20 minutes and he spotted someone dressed up as pacman so we went in search of them. When we found them they were about to sit and eat so we didn’t want to interrupt them. This is when Kai decided that he’d had enough.

We went for one last walk around and I went to say goodbye to everyone and to apologise to Chris, Stewart and Nicola as I wasn’t going to be able to do any recording with them as if I try anything then Kai would just lose it and as with any 5 year old when it gets to that level then you go.

So we left around 2pm and we had a good day. Next year the plan will be that my wife will come and get Malachi so I can keep going but he enjoyed it and it’s always fun introducing him to new things.

Unfortunately a group of people from work who were going I managed to miss but I’ll see them tomorrow otherwise.

As usual I’m now waiting for next year to come around. Maybe I could try to get to Melbourne next year.

A view from the balcony part 1 by Lord Shaper.

A view from the balcony part 2 by Lord Shaper.

A view from the balcony part 3 by Lord Shaper.

I didn’t get to take that many photos today but go and check out the Flickr Feed.

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