Supanova 2009 The Night Before

Yes it’s the night before the official Supanova opening. I was unable to go to the preview night so I’ve been planning what to take with me this year.

With the main people I want to try and get sketches or autographs from this lear  being Dave Gibbons, Tim Sale, Nicola Scott and Stewart McKenny I’m not going to take that much with me.

First up as always I’ll take The art of Matt Wagner’s Grendel – Mainly for reference for Grendel Sketches but I can also get Tim Sale to sign it as well as getting him to sign Devils Child.

I can’t resist taking Watchmen to be signed as well but instead of getting a Watchmen Sketch which I’m sure he’ll have enough people asking for I’m going to see if he can choose his favourite villain so it will be interesting to see what he can come up with.

Other than that I’ve created a list of questions for different people incase I can get some time to interview them over the next 2 days. Although I want to get as many done tomorrow as posible as I’m taking my 5 year old with me on Sunday.

That’s it for now as I have a bag to go pack but remember to look for updates from me on Twitter over the weekend.

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